OLLI at Emory Courses

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For the benefit of our members

OLLI at Emory offers a broad range of course topics to educate, enrich and entertain its members. We offer three categories of courses to browse: those currently underway, one day courses, and upcoming courses.

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Each class session is $10, (4-week course is $40, 8-week course $80). On occasion, other fees may include:

  • Administrative fees: Cover rental costs for offsite spaces.
  • Instructor fees: These nominal fees help compensate our professional instructors currently receiving payment for teaching courses outside of OLLI at Emory.
  • Supply fees: Materials required for some classes.
  • All students must be current members.



These courses are currently underway.

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Upcoming Courses

These courses will be starting soon.

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One Day Courses

Our one day courses occur in a single session.

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In-person Courses

These courses offer in-person learning.

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