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Teach for OLLI

OLLI at Emory engages the metro Atlanta community and those beyond with our Hyflex and Zoom courses.  Our program provides hundreds of stimulating courses each year, designed especially for adults over 50 who are interested in continuing the pursuit of knowledge in a relaxed but challenging environment. If you are interested in teaching for us, you can email us with questions at olli@emory.edu or call OLLI Program Manager, Stephanie Tarpley at 404-727-5489. 

Our online course proposal is available here for anyone interested in submitting a course or idea for teaching.  2022 Course Proposal https://forms.gle/sqBTW7WQkdao6dRT6

Our Current Schedule:

Summer 2022 Short: (Jun 6-Jul 1) Proposal Due: April 1, 2022

Summer Long: (Jul 11 - Aug 26) Proposal Due: April 1, 2022

Fall Short: (Sept 7 - Oct 4) Proposal Due: June 17, 2022

Fall Long: (Oct 10 - Dec 9) Proposal Due: June 17, 2022

Winter Short: (Dec 12-20) Proposal Due: June 17, 2022

Course Evaluations

All course evaluations are sent via email to students enrolled in OLLI courses during the final week of class.  All evaluations are done online and are easy to fill out.  If you did not receive an evaluation form for a course you were registered, please contact olli@emory.edu

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