OLLI Course Proposal Form

If you are interested in teaching for us, you can email us with questions at olli@emory.edu or call OLLI Program Manager, Stephanie Tarpley at 404-727-5489. 

Our online course proposal is available here for anyone interested in submitting a course or idea for teaching - click below.

Our Current Schedule:

2023 - March-December Course Proposal Form

Spring Short (Mar 6-31) 4 weeks
Spring Long (Apr 10-May 26) 7 weeks
Summer Short (Jun 5-30) 4 weeks
Summer Long (Jul 10-Aug 25) 7 weeks
Fall Short (Sept 5-29) 4 weeks
Fall Long (Oct 2 - Nov 17) 7 weeks
Winter Short (Dec 1-15)
One-Day Course

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